Coach Spotlight: Noel Acevedo

Have you noticed our biggest kid has been a bit MIA lately? That’s becuase Coach Noel got a super cool job at an engineering comapany and is not coaching the morning classes at the moment. No need to pout! He’ll still be around kissing puppies, playing with your kids, working on his fitness and coaching some classes from time to time.

Noel walked into The CUBE for the first time in 2011, since then he has been such a positive influence in our community.  The Cubes growth and succes is a direct result of all his hard work, dedication, love, and commitments over the past five years. Hes not only coached and mentored our athletes, but hes also given us crazy workouts through his awesome programming. Hes helped us plan events, judge competitions, and put smiles on your faces. 

We want to wish you tons of luck!

And many thanks for helping shape what The CUBE is today.

We love you Noel!