Surviving the Holidays 101



2016 is almost over! Even though Thanksgiving is still about two weeks away, some of us have gotten a head start on celebrations with potlucks and holiday parties, making it impossible to deny that the holidays are officially upon us (#YAY!). Our culture revolves around the table in the sense that yummy food is always present when it comes to having a get together or celebration. Because of this, it can be additionally hard to stick to your everyday diet and find yourself indulging in things you typically would not. Good news is we’re not here to make you feel guilty about picking up that slice of pecan pie or to tell you to skip out on that Christmas party. Instead, here are some tips to help you get through this holiday season without losing a year’s worth of work.

*DO NOT skip breakfast! We are all guilty of skipping out on the most important meal of the day to make sure we have all available room ready to be stuffed with whatever deliciousness is being served. Just like any other day, when we skip this meal we tend to overeat at lunch. The problem comes with holiday foods being packed with sugars and refined and/or processed carbs which makes indulging in them extra bad. Eat a healthy, protein packed breakfast to avoid feeling famished later which will help with the self-control

*Start with the proteins. When you’re ready to make your way through the islands of ham, turkey, gravies and such, make sure to start with proteins and veggies first. Take a small break, do a little mingling, and THEN go back for carbs such as mash potatoes, breads, etc. By then, you should already be somewhat full which makes it relatively hard to binge on bad fats or processed foods

*It’s okay to stop. I promise you, that extra portion of food will not be sad you didn’t eat it. It is totally okay to not have to pop open your pants from the gorging sesh. Pace yourself! Taking smaller bites, chewing thoroughly, and having a conversation in between bites helps you to digest your food and gives your body the chance to tell you it’s full without the feelings of regret and self-loathing. Enjoy what you’re having!

*Don’t slack on the exercise. Having relatives in town makes it even harder to escape to the gym and get our daily workout in. Maybe you find yourself out of town and it’s close to impossible to work up a sweat; don’t make excuses, find solutions! There are all kinds of quick 20 to 30 min workouts that can be done just about anywhere. If you need help prepping for a trip or you know you won’t be able to make in to the gym, have a game plan in place and ask a coach for a little guidance if need be

The average person gains one pound between November and beginning of January (even though sometimes it feels like 10). Make sure you enjoy the season while being conscious of all the progress you’ve made thus far and help yourself stay on track so as to not start from ground zero come January 1st. Remember: alcohol contains calories too! So watch out for those enticing holiday cocktails .

Happy Holidays Cube Fam!


Written By: Diana Ontiveros