such an amazing experience! the entire staff is so supportive and friendly! you can tell that they all love what they do. After being at 3 other crossfit boxes, I have chosen to stay here. honestly, I cant begin to explain how happy I am that I found this place!
— Bruno Barbato - Google Review
If you’re from out of town and looking a great place to drop in, these guys will welcome you with wide open arms. GREAT PEOPLE! Noone slips through the cracks here.
— Jimmy Dennis · July 20, 2015 - Facebook Review
Make friends that become family, and all around great atmosphere always! Been my second home for just over two years now and not going anywhere else! #cubelove
— Stefan Rivero · July 8, 2017 - Facebook Review
#iAmCube there’s no place I’d rather train at. After years of a hiatus I came back and my coaches have met me where I’m at. Love this place!
— Coral Seco · March 23, 2017 - Facebook Review
Best place in the entire world ♥ Since joining, not only have I been able to reach my goals, but I gained a second family in the process. #cubeforlife
— Hailey Roxane · February 24, 2017 - Facebook Review
Love it here !! Hadn’t worked out for about 10 years and now I’m a crossfit addict !! Coach Andy is very knowledgeable and works with you to reach your fitness goals. Highly recommend Cube !!
— Christine Bustos · July 5, 2017- Facebook Review
Sore! But I feel great it’s my second full week and I’m already seeing great results and losing weight !!! Love this place, the people and the coaches are more than great.
— Tatiana Ortega 8/2017 - Facebook Review
Amazing gym!! Friendly and knowledgeable staff and coaches. Coaches are constantly watching your form to make sure you are doing all the movements correctly. The members are also amazing, everyone makes you feel at home and are very helpful and motivating. Highly recommend this CrossFit.
— Ana Fernandez - Google review
Helped me lose over 80 lbs. Great coaches and community
— Ralph Munoz - Google Review
Cube love baby!!!!! I’ll be back again. Awesome trainers and an all around amazing group of individuals
— Alex Chauvet · February 1, 2017 - Facebook Review
Joined the family in 2015 and completely changed my life. Andres Chong (co-owner) taught me how to eat, how to move and how to train for real life. When I started I was 300lbs unable to run 20 meters, squat correctly, lift overhead, just truly unhealthy. Now, I able to run 5k, squat 280lbs, Dead lift 302lbs, and weigh 220lbs. Cannot say enough, how much of an positive impact The CrossFit Cube has made in my life physical and personal.
— Patrick Alvarez- Google review
Everyone at this gym are friendly and extremely knowledgeable! The coaches here know a lot about fitness. I highly recommend you get lessons and massages from Andy.
— Chris Raborg - Google Review
Andy is the most amazing person ever! Ive seen such a progress in my body since working with him. He is a huge inspiration and everyone at the gym is very encouraging and sweet. It’s my second home!!
— Mia Diaz
This place makes me feel at home. I would recommend it to anyone whom is looking to better their life in every way.
— David Iglesias - Google Review
This is more than a gym. It’s more than crossfit. It goes beyond physical fitness. The coaches treat you like people and not like clients. Happy to say I’ve been a part of the cube for 4 years now and I’ve met some incredible people. Not to mention the coaches are like family. If you’re looking for a place to get in shape and have an incredible and fun time doing it, slide on over to the Cube! #cubelove
— Juan Esteban Zapata · March 26, 2014 - Facebook Review
Very welcoming, efficient team. Friendly, energetic and very well balanced.
— Alain Alvarez · March 23, 2017 - Facebook Review
Best CrossFit in town, I was skeptical at first but I’m glad I joined, their classes are awesome so as their coaches, and they not only help my with my workouts but also with my diet. .. couldn’t be more happier. . Thanks guys ..
— Andrew Norris - Google Review
All of the staff at The Cube is friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly great people! The attention to detail, patience, and safety, when shown how to do complicated lifts is what really makes this place outstanding.
— Richard Fernandez - Google Review
Best place! Changed my life! The kind of friends/family and coaches you want in your life!
— Marietta Basnueva - Google Review
Just started last week and I’m in love! Owners Dri and Andy really make you feel welcome and take time out of their day to make sure you are happy and are doing the exercises properly.
— Rudy Amaral · November 2, 2015 - Facebook Review
It’s my 2nd home
I met my love
I got my abbs
Something new everyday
And people don’t act stank like in the gym
— Christopher Triana · April 22, 2015 - Facebook Review
Awesome. Many years going there. I highly recommend it.
— Alan Goldstein · February 4, 2017 - Facebook Review
I dropped in while on business here in Miami and decided to try out this box since I was staying in the Kendall area. You need to understand something, I’ve done CrossFit for almost 6 years and dropped in at over 50+ boxes....... Andy, the owner, and lead trainer, has Cerebral Palsy...... He doesn’t use that as an excuse on his fitness or helping his athletes....... His stretching and mobility work before the main WOD was the BEST I’ve ever seen in a box...... He truly took the time to stretch each component of your body that going to get hammered in that day’s workout and made sure your body was ready AND you understand the components of the lifts in detail. He is meticulous too, if you think you’ve got something down he will find a way to improve it. I cannot say ENOUGH good things about this box, the price is one of the lowest in the area and the instruction and instructional quality is top notch!! I would highly recommend this place!!
— David Patterson - Google Review
If you’re ready to get that summer body, or just stay healthy I will definitely recommend this gym. The owner is extremely professional and the trainers are amazing. Become part of the cube crossfit family... where they are all about your goals and results!!
— Ana Maldonado - Google Review
The coaches and people are incredible. Definitely going back when visiting South Miami.
— Yve G Torres · October 18, 2015 - Facebook review
Changed my life once and it will do it again. Bring it 2014; I’m home❤️!
— Yeline Gomez · January 2, 2014 - Facebook review
Because is the place where you get most of what everyone needs They educate you about how to eat better, they help you get the physical training and body you’re entitled to have, you make friends and become a Family member that being said the Wonderful trainers Adriana and my son Andy Jr
— Andres Chong Sr. · July 16, 2014 - Facebook Review
Been here since 2010 and I will never leave! I’ve gone from a member to a coach and have turned crossfit into a career. The cube is my second home and for the first time in my life I love going to work everyday! The cube has a special place in my heart.
— Amy Horr - Google Review
Great gym, awesome coach with tons of knowledge and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
— William Gomez - Google Review
Awesome gym great staff and everybody is super cool !!!!!!!!
— Ernesto Rodriguez Acuna · October 5, 2016 - Facebook Review
Look like a great place to Get it Done!!! Awesome attention to individual needs.
— Orlando Melendez Vargas · October 19, 2015 - Facebook review
Great place. Great people. Great way to get fit. You’re welcomed with arms open and it quickly becomes your home away from home. Go!
— Khrista Orantes - Google Review